Our mission is to promote and recruit qualified local Democrats in seeking positions of public office, to educate the Democratic Bar in ways in which it can promote Democratic ideas and candidates, and to assist the Harris County Democratic Party in all ways consistent with Democratic values.

Monthly CLE Luncheon $25

Our monthly CLE luncheon is held on the first Thursday of the month September through May. The CLE is free for all and you may purchase lunch for $25 paid in advance, or $40 at the door.

Join us at 11:30 for social time at Theo’s Restaurant, 812 Westheimer The speakers are all experts in their field and cover topics such as civil rights, Texas legislation, Constitutional law, voting rights and many other interesting topics are discussed. The meetings are always lively, informative, and fun events.

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$25 if paid in advance by 10:30am the day of. $45 at the door. No cash please.

Annual Clarence Darrow Awards | Each June at ZaZa

Every year, HCDLA sponsors the annual Clarence Darrow Award. This award recognizes the contribution of a member of our community, legal or otherwise, who has made a significant contribution to advancement of the ideals of the Democratic Party:In 2005, the first award was presented to Jim Mac Perdue, Sr. For more than 40 years, Mr. Perdue has been a driving force in the advancement of the rights of ordinary citizens in seeking legal redress in civil courts.

  • 2006 – George Parnham, who has been a leading force advancing the rights of individuals in the criminal court system.
  • 2007 – Professor David Dow, for his work on Project Innocence, freeing innocent prisoners from death row.
  • 2008 – Craig Watkins, District Attorney of Dallas County, for his actions ensuring that criminal defendants who had previously been convicted wrongfully had their cases fairly reviewed.
  • 2009 – Frances “Sissy” Farenthold. Ms. Farenthold has a lifetime of service to the citizens of Texas for progressive and humanitarian causes.
  • 2010 – Anthony Griffin, famed civil rights attorney.
  • 2011 – Richard Mithoff, noted philanthropist and Houston legal giant.
  • 2012  Frumencio Reyes, Jr. a great civil rights pioneer.
  • 2013 – Wendy Davis, Texas State Senator.
  • 2014 – Mark White, Former Texas Governor.
  • 2016 – Jim Harrington, Texas civil rights hero.

Suggestions for future deserving award nominees are welcome.

Organizational Profile and Activities

Harris County Democratic Lawyers Association [HCDLA], was formed in 2003 by local lawyers who are affiliated with the Democratic Party. This group is committed to furthering the administration of fair justice and intends to advance that goal by making Harris County, once again, a Democratic county. Most founding members are veteran candidates from previous Harris County judicial, legislative, and administrative elections. However, membership is open to all committed Democrats, including non-lawyers. Dues are nominal.


HCDLA believes that the most effective way to win local elections is to recruit the best qualified candidates possible and to educate our base Democratic voters of the importance of voting “down ballot” in local elections. To that end, HCDLA works every election cycle with various groups and candidates to organize an effective Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort.

Contact | 713-222-8500

Monthly CLE Luncheon

Officers 2017 – 2018

  • Dinesh Singhal, President
  • Michael Doyle, Vice-President
  • Steven Duble, Vice-President
  • Ben Rose,  Secretary
  • Bob Bennett, Assistant Secretary
  • Dwayne Simpson, Treasurer 
  • Pat Bryan, Assistant Treasurer


Board of Directors 2017-2019

  • Amy Archambault
  • Judy Dougherty
  • William Demond
  • Sanford Dow
  • Barbara Gardner
  • Steve Frankoff
  • Reginald McKamie
  • Laura Moser
  • Eric Nielsen
  • John Odam
  • Jim Peacock
  • Roger Rider
  • Benjamin Sanchez
  • Stanley Santire
  • Tasso Triantaphyllis
  • Allan Van Fleet
  • Gerald Zimmerer


Board of Directors 2016-2018

  • Lee Arellano
  • Chris Bell
  • Gerry Birnberg
  • Les Cochran
  • Kim Hoesl
  • Hon. Katie Kennedy
  • Lisa Ketai
  • Melissa Khan
  • Harold Landreneau
  • Robert L. Mark
  • Michele Mullin
  • Debra Norris
  • Terence O’Rourke
  • Hon. Morris L. Overstreet
  • Kennard D. Piggie
  • Barbara Radnofsky
  • Robert Ray
  • Kent Rutter
  • Robert Toth
  • Jimmy Willamson (1953-2017)
  • Steve Wisch


Past Presidents

  • Marc Whitehead 2003-2005
  • Lee Arellano 2005-2012
  • Tim Riley 2012-2015

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