April 2014

Membership elects new board members for August 2014-2016 terms:

April 2014

Board elects following officers for August 2014-15 term: President – Tim Riley; Vice President – Steve Duble; Treasurer – Eric Nielsen; Secretary – Judy Daugherty.  Many thanks to George Barnstone for his past two years service as HCDLA Vice President.  Great job, George!

November 18, 2013

Today, HCDLA presented its 9th annual Clarence Darrow Award to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis.  The event was held at Hughes Hangar, and more than 200 attended.  See the press release here.

May 2013

Membership votes to amend By-Laws to allow up to 30 Directors,
and elects following Board members for 2013-14:

  • Lee Arellano (2 yrs.)
  • Chris Bell (1 yr.)
  • Gerry Birnberg (1 yr.)
  • Georgia Cole (1 yr.)
  • Jessica Farrar (1 yr.)
  • Barbara Gardner (1 yr.)
  • Kenneth Harder (1 yr.)
  • Sam Houston (2 yrs.)
  • Bruce Johnson (2 yrs.)
  • John Odam (2 yrs.)
  • Harold Landreneau (2 yrs.)
  • Robert L. Mark (1 yr.)
  • Sam Mukerji (1 yr.)
  • Debra Norris (1 yr.)
  • Hon. Morris L. Overstreet (1 yr.)
  • Jim L. Peacock (2 yrs.)
  • James Plummer (1 yr.)
  • Hon. Dion Ramos (2 yrs.)
  • Robert Ray (2 yrs.)
  • Steve Reilley (2 yrs)
  • Donna Roth (2 yrs.)
  • Benjamin Sanchez (1 yr.)
  • Dinesh Singhal (2 yrs.)
  • Rabeea Sultan (1 yr.)
  • Tasso Triantaphyllis (2 yrs.)
  • Steve Wisch (2 yrs.)

This year, for the first time, Directors were staggered, so that only half are subject to change in any future year. The 1 yr. or 2 yr. terms were randomly assigned. There are no term limits for Directors, so any Director is eligible for re-nomination in any given year, as per By-Laws.

April 2013

Board re-elects officers for 2013-14, Tim Riley – President, George Barnstone – Vice-President, Eric Nielsen- Treasurer, and Steve Duble – Secretary.



August – Board unanimously selects Frumencio Reyes, Jr., as 2012 Clarence Darrow Award recipient.

August – Michael Doyle elected as Advisory Director for 2012-13.
May 16 – The Board of Directors unanimously elected Steve Duble as Secretary and Eric Nielsen as Treasurer.

May 3 – At its annual meeting, HCDLA elected the following new directors for 2012-2013: Lee Arellano, Gerry Birnberg, Georgia Cole, Bernardo J. Garcia, Rep. Jessica Farrar, Bruce Johnson, Mike Mallia, Robert L. Mark, Debra Norris, John W. Odam, Hon. Morris L. Overstreet, Jim L. Peacock, Jim Plummer, Hon. Dion Ramos, Steve Reilley, Donna Roth, Dinesh Singhal, Rabeea Sultan, Tasso Triantaphyllis, and Steve Wisch. Chris Bell, Barbara Radnofsky, and Vince Ryan were elected as Advisory Directors.

In addition, the membership awarded its first Honorary Lifetime Memberships to Diane Mosier, Marc Whitehead, Georgia Cole, and Lee Arellano, in recognition of their commitment and dedication to the organization over the past ten years.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the new Board of Directors elected Tim Riley as the new President for 2012-2013, and George Barnstone as the new Vice President. Officer positions for Secretary and Treasurer will be filled during the Summer.